Little Free Pantry Introduction

In early February 2018 our amazing Little Free Pantry began providing for the community that faced food insecurities. This was a project that flourished from an idea of several members after we established our Little Free Library May, 2017.

After our idea was broached in a congregation meeting in November, it took a bit of planning and resource gathering to decided that this pantry was something we wanted to have for our community. We hoped that it would be well received by our neighbors- both in items being taken, as well as others donating items into it. We began in January posting on our Little Free Library social media sites that we will be hosting a pantry and boy did we get an amazing amount of support! It further encouraged us to get our pantry installed as quickly as possible. We just needed to have  good enough weather for the cement to set for our post.

Frist Pantry advert

We were fortunate to have a few beautiful days the last week of January. By the second of February our Little Free Pantry was installed and was welcomed by our community with all the amazing donations that flooded into it. Almost every day the stock is replenished and during the day/night it is used and must the refilled or it would be empty by mid-morning! We cannot thank the community enough for the great amount of support we have received from this project and hope that with everyone’s help, we can continue to help make it thrive.


Little Free Pantry W/Kaycie

This was all thanks to our Little Free Library, which was a confirmation project of one of our youth members that wanted to share their joy of reading with others. For any books lovers or someone looking to try a new book, we are lucky to have a good cycling rotation of books due to traffic and a strong volunteers who help watch over our library. Our Little Free Library is one of very many in our city, and even local city block, but  no two libraries are alike which makes visiting different ones a unique experience each and every time. We have had the luck of utilizing our local Friends of the Library sales to get an extra supply of books for when we run a little empty. With our one year anniversary coming up we have seen more and more guests that are giving a great amount of books for others to enjoy. Maybe we should plan an anniversary event?

LFL DIstance


To learn more about the Little Free Library or Little Free Pantry project, please visit their websites;  &


We also have a new project, Friday Night Spaghetti Dinner, which will begin March 16. Members of our community can come to St. John’s and get a dinner kit to make a spaghetti dinner at home. This will be hosted on the third Friday of each month. This is one more program we are offering to help those who face food insecurities and hope to grow the program as we can help meet more needs of our community.