A Memorial Day Tradition

A yearly tradition of St. John’s is participating in the beginning staging time of the Memorial Day Parade (once known as the Blossom Time Parade and also known to many as the Ski-to-Sea Parade).

Memorial Day Parade outside group

This year, we didn’t know if there would be a parade as the City of Bellingham Chamber of Commerce was not going to be able to provide financial resources for it.

who are you remembering sign

Through fundraising and local support, this local favorite came back to life and ran the traditional route and time. This route starts just south of St. John’s which is why we have taken part of this tradition by proving treats, drinks, restrooms and a shaded area to keep cool for a few minutes before the parade begins.

drink table

We enjoyed ourselves as we have as we have in past years. But one new addition that St. John’s incorporated to our giving and presence was working with the theme of the parade, ‘Remembering our heroes, celebrating our communities’.  With this theme we added to our tradition and asked our neighbors and those who came to our little corner of Cornwall to help up create a wall of those we wish to remember and celebrate.

PC and solder signing

Thanks to our wonderful members, youth, and amazing community we were able to create our wall of remembrance and celebration that held not just the names of people, but their stories that were told to use while loved ones wrote down their names. This was an amazing moment for St. John’s. Those that passed that were celebrating a new life in a beloved parade that many believed they would not see this year and shared stories to honor the theme of the day.

We at St. John’s would like to thank all those who participated in the Memorial Day Parade, every person who stopped by our little wall or stopped for a treat, those who helped keep the tradition of our parade alive, and the members of St. John’s who helped out during the event.

Memorial Day Parade Wall 2
Memorial Day Parade Wall