May Letter From Pastor Cara

Big and Little, God is in it!


In a recent Outreach Committee Meeting, Marci began our time together by sharing a devotion and prayer.  Perhaps you read it too (since it came from our little devotional booklets “Christ in Our Home” that St. John’s provides for us each quarter).

The title and the message of our devotion was “Think Bigger.”  The Prophet Isaiah is telling us to “think bigger, your vision is too small.  God’s salvation is intended to reach the ends of the earth.”  Surely, we too, can be challenged to think bigger, plan bigger, pray bigger, and trust bigger.  Bigger for our work in Sunnyland and Whatcom County!    Bigger in our lives of faith!

Our discussion reminded me of the words of Pastor Paul and Frieda Jordan, related to me by their children, when sharing their hopes for the generous legacy gift they left for us to steward.  Ruth and Tashe said they were often encouraged by their parents to “think big, then double it.”  This doubling has to do with putting our hopes and dreams and plans in God’s hands, then getting to work.

Another member of the committee, Mary Ann shared that she is reminded of the faithfulness of doing small things well and not worrying about all the big things.  Also so very true!  We need not     always measure our success by miles stones…often we are called to celebrate the “inch pebbles!” 

In our humble little church there are so many faithful servants and so so many countless tasks done by gracious ones.  Thank you!  Thank you!

In our humble little church, we continue to dream dreams.  We continue to trust boldly.  May the hopeful conversations that we have had over the past six months with one another in our mission planning process continue to grow.  May we celebrate the inch pebbles we are seeing.  Yes, there are many!  If you can’t think of many, I challenge you to talk with other members until you hear enough to inspire you!

In our ministry, as in all of life!  Look for faithfulness in small things enough and find we are bound to see faithfulness abounding greatly.

This world needs millions of faithful and hopeful servants.  There is lots of work to do, lots of room for grace to abound, lots of places needing light and justice and peace and love.

May we experience God’s love in such a big and powerful way that we can do none other than to “Think Big and double it!” and at the very same time “Be faithful in very little.”

For as Jesus said, “One who is faithful in a very little is also faithful in much.”  Luke 16:10a

Together in the big and little of it!

- Pastor Cara